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When you buy new property, or need water well drilling services on an existing piece of property, call the experts at Dugger's Pump & Well Repair. Located in Robertsdale, AL, we’re licensed and have been serving the Baldwin County area for over 50 years. We understand the local terrain and know what types of equipment works best in various parts of the region. Our team of drilling experts will help maximize the flow of the water to your property--guaranteed. At Dugger's Pump & Well Repair, you are always in good hands before, during and after your well is drilled. Contact our team today to learn more!

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Our Team

This is the well that my Grandfather, CL Dugger, was drilling in Central America. As you can see there was an armed guard with his pistol on his hip. 

family well drilling history

A family tradition since 1915. The family interest in well drilling began with C. L. Dugger when he at a young age went to work as a tool hand in the well drilling industry in Florida for Mr. Gray of Gray Artesian Well Service. As C. L. grew, so did his passion for the industry. By 1930, he was working jobs in Central America as the head driller and supervisor.

Continuing his intrigue for well drilling, in 1954, he opened his own well drilling business in Baldwin County, Alabama, Dugger's Pump & Well Repair. The tradition has since been passed down to his son Charles Dugger and now his son Chad Dugger, making three generations of the well drilling family tradition!

Since 1954, Dugger's Pump & Well Repair has been providing water well drilling services to Baldwin County. Family owned and operated, our team has decades of combined experience and industry knowledge. We strive to deliver quality services and products by combining expertise and technology in an environmentally safe and economical fashion to the ground water industry.

Remember, you should never trust the digging or maintenance of your water well to just anyone. We’ve established a stellar reputation in Robertsdale, and are always happy to share our many customer referrals with you. Give us a call at (251) 367 2959 or (251) 947-7567 today for a free estimate over the phone. Estimates in person will require a service call fee. Call us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

A Family Tradition Since 1915

This particular picture is my Grandfather CL Dugger standing there under the derrick.

CL Dugger under derrick

My Grandfather, CL Dugger, and my father, Charles Dugger, pictured with him.

CL Dugger with Charles Dugger

We Are Insured

Artesian Water Well 1934

Artesian Water Well 1934
  • 12 Inch Well
  • 1293 (GPM) Gallons Per Minute
  • 2193 Feet Deep
  • Made In Mexico

This is a picture of Mr. Gray that owned Gray Artesian Well Service of Pensacola, FL. Gray Artesian Well Service is where my Grandfather, CL Dugger, began his endeavors of water well drilling.

Gray Artesian Well Service

Our Services

At Dugger's Pump & Well Repair, we provide an array of water well drilling services to residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the Robertsdale area. Our services include:

Water Well Drilling
Pump Installation
Pump Maintenance
Well Filtration
...And Much More!

When you rely on Dugger's Pump & Well Repair, you're relying on Robertsdale's very best in the water well drilling business.

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